N2O Cream Charger FlavourWhip

Add a little flavour to your life

Flavourwhip N2O Whipped Cream charger cylinder

Meet Flavourwhip: the simple solution to your catering woes​

A modern tool made to charge your cream dispenser while on the go, Flavourwhip is your catering solution for a seamless whipping experience. Easy to use and quickly delivered, you can always count on Flavourwhip. 

Add some flavour to your whipped cream.

With the FlavourWhip liquids, you can add an exciting range of nitrous oxide flavours to your FlavourWhip creations. Each nitrous oxide flavour mix tastes unique and can be used to achieve a different effect. Currently available in six variations, you can mix and match the liquids as you please to add a vibrant edge to your sweet dishes.

Whipped Cream Flavour strawberry by Flavourwhip