What's The Story Behind FlavourWhip?

Flavourwhip cream charger whipping cream on hot choco

Starting out

Combining years of industry experience and an entrepreneurial spirit, Flavourwhip launched in 2020 in an effort to optimise the workflow of the catering industry.

High Quality

Having worked the cream charger market for several years, the Flavourwhip founders were unsatisfied with the efficiency standards of conventional cream charger manufacturers. Why charge a siphon twice and produce more waste when you can do it all in one swoop? Always up for a challenge, the founders took it upon themselves to deliver a product that would exceed the needs of caterers. Born was Flavourwhip. The Flavourwhip team is continually looking for ways to innovate new products and deliver an unparalleled customer experience, starting with a 24/7 service.

Based in amsterdam

Based in the Dutch capital of Amsterdam, the young and resourceful team at Flavourwhip is always ready to take your orders and provide the quickest and most reliable service possible. In growing its global outreach, Flavourwhip is also making headway in supplying international catering companies with innovative solutions. So get in touch and do yourself a flavour.